Molecular addon available v1.0.2 for Blender 2.77

Hi everybody !

I compile the addon to working with python 3.5 , the new bundled python version comes with Blender 2.77. It’s now available as v1.0.3 . Older versions still available for thoses stay using 2.68a to 2.76a.

Teaser ( better with sound :yes: ):

link to download:

link to documentation:

Hope many of you will having fun to play with like I had !
if you want to support my work :


Truly amazing
waiting for this for a long time … thank you!

Love the twister! :smiley: And the Blob that drips! And the tower that breaks…! and the pumpkin that explats!.. I love it all…

Looks absolutely awesome!!!
I’m gonna have so much fun with this =)

Holly shit ! so cool !

awesome should be moved to official.

It’s absolutely amazing… I can’t believe it’s true but at first sight it looks quite complicated. Thank you for your hard work :wink:

Reminds me a lot of Lagoa in Softimage. All we need now is a decent particle mesher.

great news!!!

very nice teaser :smiley:
I will try my best in the mesher to do it as soon as possible

Pyroevil, this is mad!
Thank you!

fantastic. going to check it out.

Pyro, I have been following your experiments on youtube for a while, this is really cool. I will have to try it when I have a second of free time.

That would be nice, would definitely give more purpose to all the hard work.

with some mesher blender VFX and generaly workflow would go up like 500% those particles would be starting to being use full not just for instances.


Quite impressive work but windows 32 bit installation fails for me. No error message but the molecular addon does not appear in the addon tab. With 64 bit version I get the addon but cannot tick it …as I run 32 bit windows.

From the Dept. of Silly Questions:
Is there a version for Mac OSX?

Many people told me the linux version of the python extension should work. I don’t have access to a MAC but if somebody can test it , let’s me know about the result.

Killer App… Thanks

For thoses having difficulty to install it , I did a fix now. So download it again and install it