molecular addon hystery

Hello . I’m trying to simulate some plastic gralunes travel with the molecular addon.

I seted damping to 0.5 to particules and obstacles, but my particules seems to be histeric
you can see on this video

How ca I solve this ? change damping ? friction ? or particules size?

thanks for your help

here the file with the animation :

I’m not 100% certain, but I believe pyroevil’s molecular script was meant to be used for spherical particles.

Since you’re using capsule-shaped objects, you might get better results using rigid body physics, in combination with liero’s ‘Copy Particles to Rigid Bodies’ script:

Here’s a quick test I did, using RB and liero’s script (which works in Blender vs. 2.79):

(Could use a lot of improvements, but I’m not too familiar with rigid bodies physics).
Hopefully, someone else can help,