Molecular + for Blender 2.8 - 3.4

Thank you for your continued efforts.

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update 1.1.5 is available on github


  • fix for particles when unborn ( speedup for emitters ) by yuisay
  • about 30% speedup for pack function using foreach_get for particle state
  • fixed missing openmp lib on osx now static

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There were some files missing … release 1.1.5 is now updated

this is great to see! I didn’t know about this project and I was still using the old 1.1.2 molecular, which stopped working with 2.93.

Thank you so much for doing this!

Which supported version for 2.93??

You can find versions here.
37m → uses Python 3.7.4 and works with Blender 2.92 and down.
39 → uses Python 3.9.2 and works with Blender 2.93 and up

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small gui update for Blender 2.93 now using correct values for display size.

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Hmm… Was there a download somewhere there? That link shows a lot of info but no link.

You have to scroll down on the left side … then there are artifacts to download.
Unzip them first they are doublezipped. !

I have been unable to find the feature that stores the global or local UV in particle ANGULAR VELOCITY info…is this feature in your version of molecular script?

Yes it can be found in molecular panel . It is done during baking.

check Bake UV for UV and plus Global to use object global coordinates

For the particle material when you use UV you get :
x and y for UV ccords and z for distance from object center

for global coords you get x,y and z for globla coords.

If you want to take part in development come and make suggestions

update 1.1.6 avaible on github

mainly support for arm64 on macos.



UPDATE 1.1.7

changes for Blender 3.0 release.


Most appreciated; thanks!

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UPDATE 1.1.8

changes for Blender 3.1 release.

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Thank you for updating your addon.

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Hola @u3dreal, I am really interested in your addon, I am trying to install the 1.1.7 it in Blender 3.0.1, but every time I get the error:

Importerror: cannot import name ´core´ from molecularplus

Can you please guide me how to install it?

Thanks a lot for your great work!


looks like a python version missmatch.
You have to check your python version in the blender python console.
Blender has been changing python version alot lately.
The three versions are 3.7, 3.9 and 3.10.

If i remember right
2.8 → 2.92 → python 3.7.7
2.93 → 3.0 → python 3.9.2
3.1 + → python 3.10.2
But check it.

|UPDATE 1.1.9

changes for Blender 3.2 .

macOS is now universal binary for x64 and arm64e ( M1 ).
I have no M1 so it is untested … let me know if you have problems.

baking UVs is not working with Blender 3.1+ ?

“For those who want to use the bake uv function I recommend blender 2.93 with molecular plus 1.1.8_39.”

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