Molecular Script Customization?


I have been playing with the Molecular script (, and just started testing meshes that aren’t spherical. I’m experiencing in the script—and have read in several places—that particle self-collision can only be spherical. In other words, if I use spheres they won’t intersect, but as soon as I use something with a different mesh shape, anything that extends beyond that sphere will intersect.

Has anyone ever customized the Molecular script to handle non-spherical meshes before? Or I guess the question is, is that even possible?

Some screenshots, the same particles as spheres and as more complex meshes:

I am trying to create a wide scene that looks like a large field of non-intersecting cups. I tried using a particle system to create thousands of items, converted them to discrete objects and used rigid body physics, but my computer can’t handle all the objects I need without freezing up and makes my computer crash. Here’s a sketch of that:

Is this something that can be customized in the script?

Thanks everyone!