[Molecule]{50 Minutes}

Molecule-50 Minutes

Trichter: http://img373.imageshack.us/img373/2084/molecule4pk.jpg


Timmeh: http://home.iprimus.com.au/snapper63/mol.jpg

Firebird: http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/6045/h2o8fj.jpg

@ firebird: did you really spent 50 minutes on three spheres and a some text??? I can copy that in 5 minutes:confused: im not saying this to make you look stupid or sumthing, i just find it hard to believe…

He didn’t take this very seriously as you can see

whats the use of joining a smc when you dont actually want to?

jackj +1
Organic molecule eh? at least 15 carbons(black) 14 Hydrogens(light blue) 4 Oxygens(red ones i’m guessing). Hmm there are errors in the molecule itself. Ya didnt make sure it was a possible one eh?
Jackj -1 (naw kiddin :wink: )
Nice job, I might log on to the smc channel and try one of those smcs

I ran out of time before I could complete the molecule. Other than the fact some parts are missing it is in exact coordinates. It was from a Iron diagram I found on the internet. I am shocked that something so organic can look so uniform and inorganic :wink: For anyone that cares I used a toon shader and manually placed the cylinders and balls. (All box modelling :slight_smile: )

oh I didn’t know it was 50 min… I came in late and only spent 5 min :smiley:

Oh thank you Scepter1987
No I´m not the last one. :smiley: