Thats my first thread and hope to be posting many mores in the future.
Is my first outdoor scene. Just the render and some photoshop post-production.
Comments and critics are welcome.
Hope you like it!


Added clay render.

Looks great!

Everything is brilliant except the grass which looks odd and unnatural
Im interested in knowing how u made such fantastic mountains

Glad both you liked, yes the grass is what I didn’t get to do any better but I hope to improve it some time. And sorry for let you down but the “fantastic mountains” are just a back ground with an alpha map as you can see in the clay render :frowning: Hope to do real mountains soon.

it,s great man how much did it take you to render this

This almost looks like a photo, but the grass for example looks a bit off. But it’s still a very good render.

It took 34:50 in i7 4770 CPU, I couldn’t use GPU because it was giving me some CUDA error. I tried to do something with the grass. what do you think now?