Mom back from work

Hello all,

This was a project for a contest.
Topic was : Remember you as a child during the summer.

45mins render.
Blender internal (AO trun On, Node for blur)
Photoshop for texture.
No Post production.

You can see the full size picture here :
Full size

Here is a preview picture :

I totally do remember that. Nice work. :]

I updated the presentation, picture was too large for the new site. :wink:

noting to say ? :frowning:

Wait wait wait…if you’re going for the conceptual art I think you’re going for…the child is playing with his toys and his mom is back from work…the bits of rock and grass are because he jumped up and ran to meet mom? Be honest…if this is what you were going for then this render ROCKS! Absolutely superb job with the concept! I can’t get past such an innovative and yet traditional idea! Bravo, Bravo! :clap clap: (even if that’s not what you were going for at all…it is a purely solid render! 4 stars!)

Thanks : )

You’re right, this is the concepts : )