MoMA: Pixar 20 Years of Animation

Went into New York City with my grandpa today up to 11 W 53rd street to MoMA. No, not Alltakens momma, the Museum of Modern Art! %|

Until February 6th they have a special exhibit featuring Pixar’s fantastic work. It was really cool. They had everything from origional concept sketches (and let me tell you Buzz Lightyear looked more like a monkey in a fishbowl in early times) to the clay models (which werent actually clay) that are used and scanned into the computer.

More than three floors of great stuff from all their shorts and features, including Cars which is coming out sometime this year, I think. They also a few computer terminals setup where movies about the making of were being shown. I didn’t get to sit down at one, but I saw how they were talking about all the complexities of the fur systems from Monsters Inc.

My grandpa, as well as myself, were a little dissapointed that they didnt really talk about the computer aspect of it at all. How they did the modeling, texturing, and animation. But it is an art museum, after all, not a studio tour.

So if you are in the city anytime between now and February 16th, I recommend you go see it.


Awesome. I wish I lived near there and Id take a look. Pixar is so cool.

Looks like a wonderful exhibition.

I can only hope that a similar exhibition happens in Scotland sometime.

I’m surprised none of you mentioned the true implications of this. What we’re talking about here is CG artwork in a respected art museum. As I see it, that’s an amazing step. I’m hoping this will usher in a new era for CG art, one that includes public display in the form of art, rather than in the form of advertisements or movies, the places the public usually sees it.

No way, the true implication of this is that Laurifer has a cooler grandpa than the rest of us. :smiley:

Aw, I’m so jealous. That would be so cool! You should have snuck a camera in there or something. :wink:

I think its significant just how old & mature CG is. 20 years of Pixar (and longer for other works, of course… anyone remember Tron?) is older than most who freqent this board. Looking at the contest winners over at CG-Society will tell you that this art form has matured to an amazing degree!

I have heard about this. I think this is the first time anything like this has been featured in a museum. Pretty nice for CG recognition I’d say. I would love to go see it.