Moments Of Life - short experimental animated film

I wanted to share with you my new animation short “Moments Of Life”,
rendered in Unity HDRP for the Perfect Loop Challenge by Rokoko team.
My only tool for 3D was as always Blender :slight_smile:

Animation was created solely by me and under 48 hours of work,
with some use of free and paid assets created by others.
Hope you will enjoy it.
It is supposed to be watched as a looped video as it is only 30 seconds long.

Moments Of Life considers those precious moments that define us. Never simply good or bad, but meant to be remembered. It also shows us how fast life passes and warns of repeating mistakes through generations.

As an experimental type this movie contains few ways of watching it. You can decide at what speed you want to see it. If you have enough time to watch it in slower pace there is a second layer hidden in plain sight with all the small stories of people and places easy to overlook.


Liked it very much.

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