Momoiro Clover Z - Kanako Momota

She is best known as the leader of Japanese idol group, “Momoiro Clover Z”.
In Japan, perhaps also in other countries, so many people including my friends are captivated by their performance.
Actually, I’m not an enthusiastic their fan, but I tried making her head for practice.
Here are finished work and WIPs.

Blender2.70, Cycles, without photo textures

i think the model is nice, however you should focus more on materials especially the teeth one.
also try paint the eyebrows istead using the hair system you will get a nice result too!

Very nice! I like the one without hair, actually. It is quite a surprise, but I think that one looks more realistic lol Nice attention to details with the dimples. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your advice!
The material of theeth is mix of diffuse, glossy and SSS, but difficult.
If there are some tips, please tell me.
I’ll try to use eyebrow paint too, like makeup, thx!

Thank you!
I don’t know how well “Momokuro” is known in other countries at all, but the dimples seem to be her most attractive point in Japan.
So it cannot be omitted. :slight_smile:

I think the teeth shold be glossier, and the lips need some sort of subtle texture or something, they look a bit like plastic. Otherwise good work!

Her smile is great! The only thing is texture, like others mentioned. I think an uv-text would be great. Still good work!

Very nice work!

I agree with MmAaXx.
If you want a more realistic skin i suggest you to put more shades on it, maybe with a ramp node.

I like to use this site that have a lot of references


Thank you a lot! I’ve already tried photo texture for Diffuse or SSS, but now, I challenge myself to use only drawing and procedural textures, and make it real. I can’t help thinking photo texture is a little bit cheat. But ramp node is good idea, thx!
I should consider lighting setup more. This setup can’t make teeth glossy and natural anymore!