Monaco F1 animation

Hey guys,

Hope you’re doing all well.
Here is my last work in blender. Took me quite a long time to put all the pieces together but I finally reached the final point.

All was done in blender, smoke too. This part is not as cool as I would have loved it but it was the best I could get compared to the scene size.

NEW version with light DOF

First version with strong DOF

Marshal Close-up preview

Hope you like it.


Looks Great!
Remind me my sunday mornings watching Airton Senna, in the early 90’s.

Amazing! Congratulations!

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Thank you mate!
That was the feeling I wanted to bring back. Kind of far away camera capturing a glimpse of track epic action.

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Added Marshal preview close-up :wink:

What do you think @bartv & @Dan80 ? :grimacing::sweat_smile:

Thats really cool, alot of time had to go into this.
How did you do the long tire skid mark that appears after the car is braking into the turn ?

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Thank you :slight_smile:
The tire Mark was added in post using after effects. It required some mask work to make it not overlap cars

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Dope animation man!!

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Thx mate :pray:t2:

Thanks for the response. Being new to blender, sorry if this sounds naive, if a person wanted to could they do the following in blender… Have a small object/mesh and animate it from 0 size to how ever long or animate some kind of transparent granite texture to have it appear ?

Maybe it would create some Issues with the Lotus coming Right after. But I could have done it using dynamic paint.

To be honest I was more confortable to do it in post so I did it this way :wink:

Sorry, i did not mean to imply you should have done it any other way, that was not my intention. Im new to blender and seeing some of your work i see you have skills and was just wondering of different ways to do it. I think it looks great and thanks for the info.

Oh yeah no worries. It’s always great to have feedbacks and New ideas or worflows :pray:t2:. I didn’t think about the idea you came up with but it maybe could have work.

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I just updated the post with a new version of the render. Lighter DOF to have a more natural look as feedback went on, on facebook Blenderartist group!

Hope you’ll like it