Hey all!

This was initially just an architectural project to practise my architectural skills but turned into a whole enviroment. Since I have never done enviroments in this scale before I learned alot of new stuff finishing this project and alot of thanks to everyone who helped me in the wip forum.

Here is the final,

The rocks up close seem a little iffy to me still.

It looks better when the suggested depth from the map you used is smaller though.

Everything else has been nicely done.

Wow, good on you for finishing tef! The background looks much better now - i like how the lanscape in the valley pokes through the mist. Im just abit unsure about the lighting - the monks shouldnt be lit if there is light coming from behind.

CD: Don’t really know what u mean by suggested deapth. Can you explain it in another way?

bjzaba: No idea why the monks are lit up like that.Will check it out. My initial idea was to give them small lights for lightning up the road ahead. But it didn’t show very well from this distance…

Like the depth it appears to be based on the texture, like a bumpmap for instance, the moe you increase the nor value the greater the depth it seems to suggest. For large features you should either model it or do high quality displacement.

Ait, I will probably take this piece into Focused Critique some day and refine it. Until then this will do :slight_smile:

Wow! Absolutely fantastic! It has a very strong feel to it.

Only Critique would be that I find the building slightly too dark.

Keep up the awesome work

“No, Benny! Don’t jump!!1”

(what they said above - rocks, etc…)

Very nice!


Thank you all for the comments, the lightning is very simple, just a sun and a backlight to simulate open shadow. AO with both “add” and “substract”.

If you have any other suggestion to create a realistic light on a cloudy sky I welcome any ideas.

Chhers mates… hick-up

amazing work man. It looks very…small. Like, it seems somewhat like a model or something(albeit, a beautiful model :smiley: )
5 stars

Here is an allmost black and white version (very de-saturated), personally I think it is a bit cheating because everything can look awesome in black n white.

lo, your right, that does make it look better :stuck_out_tongue:

ha finally done eh?
good work…5 starz,:slight_smile:

I would hate to visit that place, I love it, very powerful, love the lighting


But it looks a bit like a model. Maybe play a bit with the lens settings?

Panzi, so what change do you suggest, wide or tele? The current setting is on 55 mm which is nor wide or tele really.

I’d say 55 is a to big value. I use 10 to 12 for such scenes. Play with the value and have a look whats looking best. A few examples are attached.


10 is wide lens which would mean I get alot of perspective. This would also mean that it will look as if I am standing really close to the monestary. I don’t really know if that is the kind of effect I want though.

But yes, wide lenses usually gives the picture a more dramatic look to it.

Here is a test with different lenses.



Monastery is spelled wrong in the image (unless it’s intended).