"Money" - 1.5 minutes, my longest animation yet!

DIVX version: http://www.weirdhat.com/blender/money/money.avi
MPEG version: http://www.weirdhat.com/blender/money/money.mpg

What do you think? :slight_smile:

Hehe this animation is hilarious. I love the part where he falls down…
I like the simplicity of the enviroments, but I think the character could be a little more detailed. Now it’s just like a sphere with a hole in it, and a standard texture.
But anyway well animated !

it is majorly lacking detail. You might want to consider playing with the toon shader if you want to keep that simple of a look.

The movements were good overall. However, nothing had much recoil. Things would just “tud” and stick.

I love it YH. great animation. obviously the mesh’s and stuff need some more detail but I think that you are aware of ther ^_^. the only thing that I don’t like are the two collisions (the fall and the post), no restitution as they say in GameBlender :smiley: . I love the idea of it being a Canadian dollar though, real funny.