Money dream

Coins are made using particles system (200 coins).
Blur is added to the scene with compositing nodes so that it seems more like a dream.

Thanks in advance for your comments and critics.

Keep up the good work

I like the blur as a dream sequence.
But that the banknotes at the ground didn’t moves at all makes the scene in my opinion a bit unconvincing.
It may be enough to just add some random movement as soon as the coins hits.

Yes that’s the point, I don’t know how I can do that realistically.

The easiest way would be to do a cloth simulation for each of the banknotes (with self collision turned on), and use rigid bodies instead of a particle system for the coins. But obviously that would take a long time to calculate… (although if each banknote was only 4-9 polygons, and the coins’ collision bounds were set to “cylinder” it could possibly be quite fast, but still realistic).

looks good, btw!