Money Money Money - 400 euros in 10 seconds with Blender ;-)

Using blender particles system with 200 particles. Coins bouncing is made by using a plane (not rendered) with collision properties. Particules rotation, random velocity and brownian force are set to the particules system.

The only problem is that particle system do not support collision between particules. So coins may appear as if they were mixed up… Any solution?

Use Rigid Bodies.

You can use a particle system to generate the coins and make them real, or simply duplicate as many as you want with [ALT D]. (Both ways will produce linked copies.)

You drop them on a flat box set at an angle to send them on a curve towards the camera which is set below, close to another flat box used as floor. (A flat box is better than a plane for the Rigid Bodies.)

This way, your coins will collide with each other and even accumulate in heaps on the floor.

Thanks for your reply. It is great to be able to make the particles real as duplicating objects could take a long time…
I will test this ASAP.

rigid body is a new feature in 2.68 i think
can you elaborate a little on how to do that with rigid body and using the particules system
if possible a sample file woudl be nice to show the use of this rigid body feature!


As soon as I test this feature I will write/record a short tutorial.

Anyway, I added more money on the scene :wink:

Here it is:

Here is the finished video with some compositing:

Thanks in advance for your comments/critics/suggestions…