i need a skript to post how much mony u have just display property money thanks

you know how to do text in the game engine right?

then you just need to store your amount of money in the Text property of the object, or copy it there with a property actuator

python is not required, but it would look something like this

#usual stuff
import GameLogic
cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
obj = cont.getOwner()

# stuff specific to this script
obj.Text = obj.Money

we need a “noob questions” subsection off of the BGE section, or a sticky that answers the top 10 newb questions…these threads quickly drown out the real game releases

Why not have a game releases section. Seems like it would make more sense. I also think it should be in the main section, not the game section. They don’t quite fit in finished works, but many more than game developers should be interested in looking at them. Personally though, if I had a finished game I would post it in finished works. A demo in works in progress.

thanks but im no noob just still a few things i still dont know about blender

then how do u do it without python Thanks ahead of time

never mind i found a tut thanks

thanks but im no noob just still a few things i still dont know about blender

That is pretty much the definition of noob.

Also, you have alot more then a few things to learn.

You may not be a noob, but questions like this, posted by both noobs and the experienced, still drown out other things.

Check out fireside’s thread ‘should there be a subsection’

Ok, chaser I have to disagree with you, now your just being rude. Sure, this qeustion gets asked a lot, but even an expert will have new things to learn. I’m guessing you don’t know everything about Blender either, but I wouldn’t consider you a noob becasue of that. Anyhow, happy blending.