Monica , Female Character

Hi Blenderartists :smiley:
i’m planing to make an extreme make over to the zodiac spear ex-project , after a long time thinking about this matter , the game will be a survival horror game , the suggested names are

Bleeding wall <<< most suggested :eyebrowlift2: .
Bleeding Glass
Bleeding Scarf

details will be in another seperate thread soon , and here Monica [Main Character] will be previewed all along in this W.I.P. thread

polycount for hair = 77
polycount for head = 600

i have her drawn in my mind , short jeans skirt and … oh let me decide first … :smiley:

i think i’m satisfied now with this result … :slight_smile:
PS :- ex-character [Seed] will be her love .


sweet, another pro´s work

Looks good, though her ears look a little far back on the skull. The blanked-out eyeballs one is kinda creepy. Looks like she should be down in a basement yelling ‘dead by dawn! dead by dawn!’.

Pretty realistic.

Great 3d “g” - I look forward to playing the game and getting some high scores records for.

All it needs is normal maps.

All it needs is normal maps.

Just what I was thinking.

All it needs is normal maps.

Well, it could use a bit more than that.

At the moment she has the jaw and five ‘o’ clock shadow of a man, she could use a bit of tuning to really sell her beauty. Unless you aren’t going for hot, in which case you’re good.

Nicely modeled and textured though :slight_smile:

I figured he posted here, so he must not be going for hotness. I thought he was done with the head. Normal maps could pop some beauty outa her.

Yeh its looking good 3DGuru. The only major issue atm is the jawline. Way to masculine.

Im sure Dim would have a lot of feedback for you, hes a pro at this kinda stuff.

I think the chin/lower head area needs to be less wide. She looks kind of like a football player the way it is.

yes , you are all right guys about the chick issue , when i was modelling , i didn’t trace the outer area very well as it may seem , thanks , for the normals , i don’t think i will use normals but on the clothes , not the skin , it’s a one set 6 hours work , new updates soon .
and also , i wasn’t trying to make her sexy :slight_smile: .
thanks .

worked on my spare time on the body , is this chest sexy !!? :smiley:
and also , i may add a belt , and a pocket for a gun !!!


initial texturing + a gun … :slight_smile:
i think this dress needs a spec-map :slight_smile:

i will alter the top area of the dress model , please tell me it’s name in english …

notice the alpha transperency at the end of the dress , so her legs get revelaed !! , LOL !


Upper Torso? I dunno XP Looks like your game is coming along really nicely XD

Breasts are too large and too low. I still think you should re-examine the chin.
I like the look of the dress, but I’ll admit I have a hard time picturing her wearing it while fighting crime.

I think you should just call it Blood. single word names are usually related to better horror games (excluding doom 3), like FEAR and The Suffering, well, “The” counts as a word but you get my point. or perhaps a sub-name: Blood:crimson walls. Anyway your model looks great! I agree with PlantPerson though, try to soften the jawline a bit and youngen up the boobies, unless that the way you want it :D.

I also agree with Paul J in the fact that without eyes she looks like a deadite!

GURU, I like your progress. Your model is turning out very nicely, and I especially like the texture you picked for her dress. I think you meant the collar when you said “the top area of the dress”. It’s the part which goes around the neck.

Aside from the points people have mentioned, the underbite really stuck out to me (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun).
Normally the lower lip sits noticeably further back than the upper lip, and the chin further still.

…Looks great otherwise : )

could you make a pdf tutorial