Monitor died on me, anybody have recommendations?

Hey all, my Apple 27" Thunderbolt 2k just died on me so now I am using a 27" 1080p 144Hz gaming monitor while I look for another one for work. Colour shifting on this one is terrible and I need more work space for Blender!

I know that HDR monitors are coming out in early 2018 but I need something sooner.

2k / 4K, Ultrawide etc I am not bothered as long as it is not prone to having dead pixels (I hate them), good RGB colour space as my work is all animation for video and if possible 75Hz+ as I like a smoother mouse pointer.

I have a GTX 1080 Ti to power it.

Any recommendations?

Budget: £700 ish

Thanks all

The best monitors for work nowadays (imho) are 27-32” 1440p and ultrawide 1440p monitors.
That’s my favourite resolution as it gives me the most vertical space at a readable size.
IPS is pretty rare in this category but there are lots of AMVA panels out there with great color accuracy
As I’m also into buying something like this soon my eyes are on the ASUS PB328Q - but if I wouldn’t use it as my sole movie watching screen I’d probably buy a 27” with the same resolution.

The 21:9 aspect ratio is absolutely amazing for blender use. Plenty of room for everything without having to pop windows in and out all the time. I’m on one of the original curved 3440x1440 34" Samsung’s.
The Acer and LG suckers are the ones most used by those I tend to trust in tech.

I will look on the Dell Ultrasharp 4K HDR monitor… even the “small” 27"

Personally i use a 30" Dell and an Asus S-PLS 27" (Samsung panel ) who start to be old… Both with IPS/PLS panels, i cant come back to other type of panel. ( well for work, for gaming, depend if you want
144+hz or not )

Thanks for the replies.

So far I have been looking at the BenQ designer monitors as they have a CAD mode which actually looks pretty good. KVM switch built in so can have two machines visible and controllable at the same time. 10 bit panels and 100% of sRGB.

Although I do not like the BenQ brand much as their policy on dead pixels is annoying. I would have to get it from a dealer that would swap it for me in that case. I will read up on the reviews for it. I will look at the suggestions you have provided like the Dell and Samsung.

I would like a curved display as that long timeline would be extremely helpful in both animating and post production work which makes this decision process harder.

I have decided to drop gaming/high hz from this purchase completely as trying to find a single work+play monitor has too many sacrifices from the work side like high sRGB coverage. I guess the 2018 HDR monitors with their 0.1 ms response times and 200hz refresh will fix all that but I found one model and that costs £1,500 (translated some Vietnamese website to find out their cost).

Cheers all.

im not upto date on monitors, but mine was a 27" HAZRO 2K monitor. The value for money was insane. 10bit display and decent specs overall. I think its south korean company, it does compromise but not on the quality of the panel, just everything else.

I have also been looking at those benq designer series. I need to get the 27" model so it will fit in my desk though.

if you do pick one of those up, please report back and let us know how it works out!

Maybe this is strange but why not a 10-bit HDR 40inch 4K tv? Just wall mount it and work. Also enjoying HDR content while at it.

The cost to say panel consistency ratio is pretty poor with tv’s that are around what one would pay for a 4k or a 21:9 panel that’s not a waste of time. I think however acer is doing a 40-something HDR monitor that might not be streaky as hell.

I’ve got a 34inch Dell 4K Ultrawide Monitor. It’s beautiful, and working on it is pretty amazing. I find 34 inches to be a great screen size. You really never run out of screen space. It’s just big enough to really feel nice, . One of the things I find with this monitor is that it really makes me want to have a ton of windows open at once. This is fine if you have the RAM to support it. Otherwise, the extremely large screen real-estate doesn’t necessarily lend itself well to just using one application. It makes working in programs like Nuke, Substance Designer, and Blender a breeze though (I will admit, fullscreen Blender is awesome).

The Dell Monitor also has AMAZING color calibration right out of the box. However, if you want 120Hz refresh rate, GSync/FreeSync or any other “gaming” features, look elsewhere. This monitor is 100% meant for professional media related work, not for gaming. Granted, it games well, and things look lovely. Movies look great too, and the 21:9 format IMO is THE format to view media content.

Sounds good, thanks for replying. Which model Dell 34" are you talking about here as will go look that one up too. Dell 34" have a U3417W, U3415W and a U3417D

I mostly use 3DSMax and Blender on the PC and Final Cut, Motion, Compressor etc on a Mac Pro. 32GB ram and a 1080Ti on the PC so multi-tasking is ok. Just need to make sure the Mac Pro can connect to it above 30Hz, which I think just needs the correct thunderbolt/DP cable.

I have the U3415W.

I believe the 15 & 17 in the model number is a model year indicator. You should be fine to connect your Mac Pro with a Thunderbolt cable. The refresh rate is most likely dependent on whether your Mac internals can support a refresh rate at 60+. A Thunderbolt 3 -> DP cable shouldn’t have any problems getting to 60Hz

Cheers, will go do my research.