Monitor function inside blender

Hi im new around here so plz do not kill me if this is in the wrong place :smiley:

this is the current problem I am facing:

I want to add monitors to my space ships bridge, basically showing what security cameras see around the ship.
I know how to add a video as a texture, so i could render everything from each security camera and add them as video textures to the monitors, but…

I was wondering if there is a way to make a cameras input render as a output on a texture/monitor, I did read about someone doing this on Blender for games, but it was for a older version of blender, actually here is the link:

as stated before, i know how to get around it, but my curiosity for blender urges me to ask for more complicated solutions :wink:

ty for reading <3

sorry about the link btw, i will remove it if requested, did not read the rule about new users not being allover to post urls, ouch. rookie mistake :slight_smile:

There is no problem with any user using legitimate links in their posts.

Have you solved this? I´m searching for your solution!