Hi guys,

This is a monitor model I made recently :).

This is my first post here, and I’m still a beginner with blender, so I’d love to hear some feedback.

Nice work! Overall I think this is a great first post. :slight_smile:

However, the material looks good but is a little too matt/diffuse, while most computer monitors are black and blank. (The glossy roughness value should be close to 0). On the other hand, a bigger problem might be that the monitor cannot look glossy, while it has nothing to reflect… Right now you have two sun-lamps which are making the nice bright reflections on the stand/foot of the monitor. (The round thing… ^^) But as the sun lamps are not being reflected at all on the back of the monitor that place gets 100% matt/diffuse. If you haven’t used or read about HDR lighting go watch this video:

HDR images are great for - basicly everything - and I use them all the time!

One other thing: In blender it is easiest to make shapes with 100% sharp edges. But sadly almost nothing in the real world has 100% sharp edges - even though the edges are close to being it…

But please! Don’t take all this too serious! This is your first post and it is great! :smiley:

I really hope my feedback is helpful. Thanks for sharing your render! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment Dan80 and sorry for the late reply.

And thanks for the hdr lighting tip, I didn’t really have an idea about it’s advantages over the other types of lighting until now, because it’s true that the model doesn’t have any reflections on it, but there’s a glossy shader in it, and it’s roughness is set to 0.050, so if had used hdr lighting with all the detail that it brings, it could have been more noticeable.

I noticed that the holder (The thing between the monitor and the stand) looked a bit unrealistic and more like a Lego. now that you said it, I’ll try to round the corners a bit and see how that looks like. once I get to the computer where the model is saved :).

Thanks again for your comment, it was extremely helpful :D.