Monk Sculpt

If you happen to recognize this model, I promise this is the last time you will ever see this guy as a “new” project.

Anyway, when I saw the Shapeways “Faces” contest, I pulled out my original sculpting attempt with this guy, and went crazy on it with more detail (and oldness, as an excuse for more detail). My computer isn’t exactly powerful enough for sculpting at this polycount (for example, if I pressed ctrl+z, I had to wait about a minute for the undo), so he’s a bit lacking, but I did the best I could without getting in the way of school. If you want to vote for him in the Shapeways contest, you can do so by rating the model here:

The original base model and sculpt are visible in the attachments. Sorry for the very mediocre render; my computer’s power isn’t exactly on the same level as my modeling skillz (:P), so even with AAO and other “cheats,” it took FOREVER to test-render this guy, even at small resolutions. If you have the processing power and would be interested in making a superior render, I’d much appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Oh, and this is 100% Blender work.


Very nice! If you texture it, you could probably sell it for about 500 bucks! :slight_smile:

i rememeber seeing this one!
hard to believe all that detail came out of that base mesh
(yeah, i havent seen many sculpts compared to their basemeshs’s)
this really looks like theres life under his eyes
and even tho he’s old, he still has all this dignity
awesome work

I clicked the link, and I think he looks more of a earth bender sort of guy, just a little too chunky. Just kidding, really great sculpt, how high was the multires level? mine can only max out at 1 million quads before crashing and 600,000 before becoming sluggish to work with. Ah, I really want to buy this, but I gots no monies.“sad” If I did have cash I would buy a better graphics card really. Your sculpt is so much of an improvement over the base mesh, I’m impressed. 5 stars!

Yeah good to see you still doing things with this great model, the added detail and volume gives him a slightly stylistic look I think, different but cool! Always loved the expression, somewhere between serene calm and Charles Bronson in Death Wish :slight_smile:

very good, like the render too

Looks really nice. Too bad Blender can’t handle enough tris to get down to tert detail. Love the fleshy feel you’ve accomplished.

Thanks for the compliments everyone! Glad my hard work paid off. I’m now crossing my fingers as the contest end date draws nearer…

ShadowFantasy1: No he doesn’t, he’s bald. :evilgrin: By the way, I’m going to upload a half-size model (or maybe “half-price,” whatever size that might be), so he might come within your price range. In any case it’s nice to know someone wants to buy him. :smiley:

i love it :slight_smile:
and the render is also very good and clean

you could optimize the head if you would really like to print him with shapeways:
–> Don’t make him massive!

You have to pay for each cm^3 of material so you should hollow out the head. Atm he would cost more than 124$ with a hight of only 12 cm… :confused:

So add a sphere and inverse the normals that they point inside. Place this sphere inside the head. Now you have a part in the middle that does not have to be payed… (it will be filled with some supportive material that can only be removed if you provide a hole some place in the head that it may be washed out after printing… but that donesn’t make any sense because you would loose stability and weight :wink: )
You can further tweak the sphere with the sculpt tool roughly to maximise the hollow space inside the head.
Finally, you have to join both meshes (head + sphere)… try that and I bet you can at least reduce the cost by 60% :wink:

nice sculpting though :wink:

I already did that… XD I’ve literally hollowed him out as much as possible without making him fragile (it’s a little more than 2mm thick all around).

alright, sorry for lecturing than :slight_smile:

but than I don’t really understand why it costs 124$ to print… did they raise prices that much or do you charge any artist fees?

It’s just the size of it. The whole model’s a little under half a foot tall, because I wanted to make sure the thin parts don’t turn out brittle, and that you can see all the small details. Also, to put it in prespective, he was over $400 before being hollowed out. I think $124 is good deal considering that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I could try chopping off most of the base, which would drastically change the price. The only problem is that the mesh is so dense that going into edit mode causes massive slow-down. Just closing off the bottom of it (there used to just be a cavity at the bottom) was a hassle.