This is yet another scene that i have created, this time is just a monk nothing special.
Tell me what you guys think and what can i do to make it better.
One thing that i know is that i have to learn how to use nodes editor and how to use the compositeso i can enhance the quality of the scene, any suggestion on where and how to start?


good start! My critiques:
character is out of focus it seems? maybe not… If anything is out of focus I would make it the background. On that note, maybe make the water reflections sharper?
What is the red thing right above the water on the rock? it seems odd. making it all meet the water will help.
Might be because of the shape of the rock, but it seems he will fall over at any second.
Lighting on the character seems weird as it appears he is all in shadow.

You got a great start on the scene already, keep it up.

This is the latest.
Im still trying to learn how to use the compositing and nodes in blender.
I will continue to practice more!

I really like the effect of this image, here my critiques:

Now you can see that the legs instead of the head are in focus. You should change this due to I can’t understand why the legs or the rock should be in focus… :wink:

I would also recommend to use less depth of field; the edges of the character’s head are maybe to blured. No it seems like the red thing around the rock is a loop, but it could be clearer!