Monkey Animation

This is a Monkey that I am working on for a short animation. I want to do a small animation working on face animation and rigging. I have yet to build the rig, but I was looking for some criticism on the model so far. I have a pretty short timeframe to get this done so any serious critiques would be helpful. I attached several images and a basic reference image for review. The second image is a fur test that I am going to be using as well, that I like better than the current one. I know the topology needs a lot of work, geting everything smooth. I also need to add his ears. Thank you in advance, and if anyone knows of some helpful information on rigging a face, that would be appreciated as well.



Add tiny thin hairs that are almost transparent all over it’s face. There’s a pet store by my house that sells monkeys so I know a lot about them.

Monkeys have hair all over their bodies, but on their hands and face it looks almost transparent.

Killer´s right. Its same with humans btw ^^ or more clear, primates and most monkeys have the hair on the same places humans have.

And the eyeballs of your monkey are too small IMO. And the iris as well.

Monkey’s have it a little longer though.

I got back into this project. I have been workin on the fur. I still dont like it, but it looks better at least. Any critiques or tips are greatly appreciated. Sorry about the terrible render. I need to upgrade my home computer. I am not sure why the fur is soo dark around the mouth. the texture is painted pure white right there. It may be the lighting or the density of the fur, I am not sure. Any ideas? I also plan on putting small short thin hairs on the rest of the face. I dont liek the bridge of the “nose” between his eyes…I am going for a more cartoony look, not photorealistic.