Monkey ball type game problems

Hi everybody,
I’ve been testing out the game engine and making little games and now im trying to make a monkey ball game (not good enough for a monkey though :frowning: ). I’ve only made one level (if you can call it that) untill i get the controls etc. down but i’m kind of stuck. nick/Monkey_ball.blend Just play the game and you’ll see what i mean. Here’s some problems.

I wanted it so when the ball moved, the camera would move with it. I thought parenting them would do it but when played, the camera just stays there.

If you know how i can make it so the ball rolls that would be awsome


Make the ball a rigid body. This should enable rolling physics. For the camera, try using the camera actuator.

404 FILE NOT FOUND-check your link

Also, if you parent the camera to the ball, the camera will spin with the ball, too avoid this code the camera with python, or use vertice parent.

Since I don’t know python, i’ll tell you how to vertic parent :slight_smile:

First select the camera, then Hold shift down and click the ball, now go into edit mode (still selecting both objects) and select 1 vert from the ball and click ctrl+P and select vertex parent.This will make the camera track that 1 vertex.

Also, I downloaded the file with this link nick/Monkey_ball.blend

You didn’t parent the camera to the ball, you parent the ball to the camera, :wink:

This file is beyond saving by writing all the stuff I did %| So I’ll just post the new and improved file :smiley:

Hopfully you’ll learn from the file.

I still don’t understand what you did to make it so when in gameplay everything has it’s assigned color and looks 3d, not monotone color that i didn’t even choose.

go from solid to textured (the square next to “Object Mode”)