Monkey barrel. Update 8/10

Update lower down the thread.

Made for a fellow Maxwell user. Modeling as always with Blender.

Just short of 5 million tris. Lots and lots of glass Suzannes.

A new version is currently rendering for longer to reduce the noise levels present.


Monkeys! I like the materials, and you must have one blazingly fast computer:eek:

Twin opteron with 4GB ram & Nvidia FX1400

Updated render in top post.


Looks like jelly.


how did u “place” the monkeys in the barrels may i ask?


I hand placed each one into interlocking rows, using rotate and grab. There are 78 Suzanne’s in each barrel.

I’m still re-rendering this to remove the noise.


Material test.
No barrels.
The eyes are black because Suzanne is three joined meshes. The nearest head has eyes still in place and you can see the refractions clearly. The eyes needed to be joined to the head, which I’ve now done.

Last of the incorrect mesh version. SL18.19 Long render times have been due to the mesh errors and intersections.
I had to remake the whole Suzanne mesh, because I didn’t want any intersecting mesh objects. So she now has no ears and joined eyes!

New version tomorrow.


Update render with corrected mesh.

I think I prefer the first version though.


I prefer the first one also, now it looks like a barrell of ice…green ice

WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO YOUR COMPUTER?!!! Thats allot of glass I kind of feel bad for for your fans.:eek:

I like the last render I think if it rendered a while and most of the noise was gone I think it would look great. I have used WinOsi for some renders and I don’t know how it compares to maxwell but I noticed that once a render gets looking like the tests you posted( for my comp and WinOsi that can take 8-24 hours) it can take a long time to really clear up. Can you pause a Maxwell render? Or set it up to run after the computer idles? What are the times for these renders?

Single render times are 8hrs approx, Maxwell then lets you combine multiple renders to achieve a higher sample level.

The pause and resume functions are not working at the moment, but the co-operative rendering gives the same results.
I just set it rendering whenever the machine is free and then can combine those even if only one or two hours long, with those rendered for longer.

I need to optimise the glass material next, to help the noise reduce faster.


WinOsi has a merge function also but I only have only one computer to play with so I have never tried it. I like to see what other renderers are up to. I have been trying to set up an atmosphere with a cloud at sun set in WinOsi with very little luck. Any thoughts on what you would do in Maxwell? The reason I ask is your results look very similar to mine with like subjects.

I only use one machine, but can merge seperate renders in the same way as if I had 100 computers.

Maxwell has a great sun positioning system and physical but cloudless sky.

If i’m going to use a photo background for an exterior render, I usually set the sun position and time to match the photo. Using this I can then add the background after rendering, with the correct sun position.

Another way is to use the physical sky & sunlight and use a HDRI image for the background. Is this possible in WinOsi?


Great render, and concept. I just wish you didn’t tell us how many monkey heads in the barrel. Would have made a great fund raiser for the foundation! :wink:

Ooooookay… so where’s the picture?
I find no link to it and neither do I find it in the signature link…

David, thanks. There are a different number of monkeys in the barrel now anyway. :wink:

UglyMike, You should be able to view them in the thread as they are hotlinked, or check my Photobucket album:-

I’ve not had chance to update my main website for ages, so apologies for them not being there yet.


Dispersion activated:-


Another higher sample rate version:-