Monkey Framers WIP

This is going to be my entry into this months monkey framers contest, this will be the first time I enter any contest. I am almost done with the modeling, and I am going to start on the animation soon. You can read more about it here:

Comments and suggestions please.

Figured out UV mapping

pretty good, but the wall texture’s aweful. replace it with something easier on the eyes. nice though.

not meaning to sound harsh :smiley:

I had alot of trouble trying to find the right texture/color for the walls. How is the new one?

do you have a different view of the new one? its hard to tell what the wall will look like with such a small view through a desk.
For some reason I didn’t save it when I changed the background the last time, so I had to do it again. This background is darker, it is not becasue of the lighting.

I much prefer the wall textures in these images! Much easier on the eye!

Looking forward to seeing some animation


wow, far out man!!!

I like the new textures a whole lot better. Now I will have to wait to see the animation.

Ok I added hands and the mouse. I think that the hands may be too small, and I’m having a problem when I move the thumb on the left hand. It gets really really skinny. Any suggestions?

NOTE: I am animating this as a go. The difference in the positions is because I animated it to that point. I’m to the point of animating it to the sound for this month, now that he has hands. Anyone have a pic of a keyboard? Would make it so much easier then putting in all the keys.