Monkey Island : Puerto Pollo

Hi! Im a big fan of the Monkey Island series and i decided to make a model of Puerto Pollo from Curse of Monkey island.
Is a big project but anyway the intention is to recreate the whole harbor.
Everything in this picture of course is provisional but i added some textures in order to make a general idea.

Here is the original photo of the harbor taken from the game

and the actual blender project

I hope you enjoy :smiley:


Nice start. Reminds me of the Anno 1404 port.
My own work goes into a similar direction, though different location and less cartoonish.
Keep it up.

very nice so far… I like it a lot… keep it up! :slight_smile:

Have been doing some modeling and i added the bridge and the theatre. Thank goodness there is only a single bridge…


This is how it looks now. The modeling of the right side of the bridge is complete now.