Monkey Island -Puerto Pollo

Hey all.

Here’s my latest work. As a big fan of Monkey Island series, i decided to recreate the famous Puerto Pollo from monkey island 3. I started this projects a year ago and posted it in work in progress but i later forgot about it. Now i finally had finished it. Done with Blender Cycles and Gimp. I hope you enjoy it.

Wow!! This looks amazing :eek: It would be nice to se an animation with music.

Nice! It reminds me of my childhood and some fun memories. This game is awesome!

I have added some Gimp effects to the final montage, less coloured and more aproximate to the real photo. Hope you enjoy.

                                                               <img src="/uploads/default/original/4X/5/d/2/5d249df4e5ef8edc8340e8ddc1d6234bf4337c8f.jpg" width="690" height="382"><br/>