Monkey maze is almost finished but I will not post the full version on here

As I plan to sell it It have one level left to make and my computer is uploading the vid to youtube as we speak…
I will post it when its done

why did you have to make a thread now?

Please refer to my signature.

No, look at my signature.

Oh yea, that’s right.

Apparently with ishow you can manage your own presets with a binary at native speeds!
…there might have been a video under all the advertisements, but it was kind of hard to see. I recommend using a different screen capture program.

If I buy it then that gigantic waterwark will go away which I will do soon then I’ll just repost the vid

lol dude your game is good for a beginner but use another screen capturer, if your using linux:
is very nice

is nice, just google them…

but it’s easier if your on linux, all you have to do is go into the terminal and type in this:

su -c ‘yum install gtk-recordmydesktop’

you press enter, then you enter your root password and it starts to install…

Or you could upgrade to Snow Leopard as Quicktime Player will have screen capture video recording built in.


Snow leopard’s not out yet…

Will be tomorrow.


Don’t take this too hard, but you should work on polishing up the presentation a little before selling it.

1-Try to make suzanne into a monkey head a little more origional
2-Use a different background color or at least or put up a skybox or skysphere or background place parented to the camera, no one here likes the default blue background.
3-Better textures wouldn’t hurt, so would taking care of the places where the lighting washes out large areas in white.

Ok, so here is my take on this project.
Great game! Good job. To tell you the truth though, I don’t think you will have much luck selling this. If you really want to make money off of blender this is a good start point. I would suggest releasing this game for free then start selling your games once you have a higher skill level. This is a great game but I wouldn’t start trying to sell games yet.

Don’t sell your games yet, people won’t buy them until you have more skills in the game engine :wink:
Try polishing your game, have an actual rigged monkey for the maze in stead of the already made monkey head :confused: Good Luck on the rest of the game!

Ya thanks guys and I just went to micro center and snow leopard like Richard said will be out tomorrow!!! I’m so excited !!!

I love mazes and am working on a maze-based game myself (my own engine, not Blender’s). That being said, I wouldn’t buy this. It looks like you did put a good amount of work into it, but I expect a game that I paying for to be more polished. Also, what algorithm are you using to make the maze. It doesn’t look like a perfect maze. Maze algorithms are not hard to make. If you’re creating the levels yourself, then you are really taking the fun out of it for the player. I would want something that is different every time I play.

Wow… randomly generated mazes? That would be pretty tough to pull of in the Blender GE.

I don’t know anything about the game engine, so it may not be possible. It does have Python scripting, correct?

It’s quite possible. most people using the BGE just wouldn’t be able to do it since they dislike python for some reason.

Don’t get me wrong, I know it is possible. It would just take a lot of complex scripting.