Monkey maze

My new project I tried it a while back but didn’t have the skill so today I retried it here’s what I’ve did today.


monkey maze.blend (920 KB)

Looks interesting though I think you’ve forgotten to package the textures. Also, under the file menu, set to compress file before saving so the download is a lot smaller.

:confused:I see five blocks, a sphere that grows in size and a plane. What am I missing?

It is a game playable in Blender game engine. Hit P wait a moment and just use the arrows to control the monkey.

how do I package textures?

I discovered a bug. On some occasions it is possible to get inside the walls :wink:

It doesn’t work. I tried the game engine before posting my last post. At best, the blue ball expands and shrinks and that’s it. I’ve tried this on 2.48 and 2.49a. I love mazes, so I’d really like to see this.

@maspeirHuh, did you try clicking the ball?

Well right now I have 5 levels the 5 is still in the works and I have recently added a pause menu and a better main menu and the level are a tiny bit better(I edited some)

So here is the new file…[url=]V2.0/url]

One more thing, can you all can see the textures right because everything shows up on my comp fine but I was asked to pack the textures so are they OK?

Your link led to which does not seem to want to download… just goes into a loop when I hit the “download” button.

Of course the textures work in your computer. That’s because you have the texture files the game links to. We don’t. Therefore, you need to include them in the blender file itself, which is the packaging process. It’s under the file >> external data menu. Do this, then compress, then save.