monkey, melancholy, uakari

It is only a head model right now; maybe I will model a full body version of it.


This is one freaky looking character!

A badly sunburned monkey… or maybe his face has been scorched by a radiation blast.:smiley:

The model looks good but I think the nose needs some more work. Dunno if its just the angle but does he have nostrils (is it placed behind the flat front nose area?)…?

If you didn’ t see any pictures of a bald uakari before and find this one a little bit interesting, search for photos of them; they are amazing.
The nostrils open to left and right, but the texture paint doesn’ t show that detail enough.


Oh,… well in that case (just googled a bit) this is pretty decent work!!

I think you should try the whole body. :wink:

made some changes: