Monkey Pic

Allow me to introduce Susan, Suzannes slightly larger cousin. She is my contribution to the monkey army that will take over the world.

I need to add a few more people for Susan to step on, and work on the posing, but monkeydom wouldn’t wait for that. %|


thats very cool! id love to see an animation of this. How did you make the toon shading?

Whooo, nice pictures. I really like the way you toonshaded your render, how did you do that?

Looks good. Good choice of colors on the buildings.

It’s all done with the Blender toon materials and the edge feature. The size setting is all the way up for the buildings and the car, and it’s set at a bit above two for the people and the monkey. The Spec setting is typically similar to the col setting, but usually darker to give some contrast. The lighting is a simple yellow spot and three white lamps. An animation is a bit unlikely, because I’ve never been able to get a decent walk cycle set up. Thanks for all the comments so far.



Funky! Very nice use of toon shading!
An animation would be cool!

Nice toon shading.

could u post the blend file? thanks, i would like to see the exact “coordanates” for the toon shading, and how u lighted it.

i dont understand. could you shortly explaiin me what do i have to do to get toon shadings like yours? what settings to i have to tweak in the materials? (i assume i have to change spec and the other one to Toon, but thats all i know)


never thought sombody can make it evil :-? any way toon shading is great :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

well, I wouldn’t say evil. It looks more lika (very) big baby that’s walking toward something it likes, without knowing what she’s actually doing to the rest. Like when a baby crawls to a toy, it might bump against the table or something…

Love it! :smiley:

Can you make a mini tutorial on how to make this shadings? please

I can’t host the original blend file because of it’s size, but I created a version that had all of the different materials and the light setup. You can find it at You’ll need to Right click-> Save Target As. I’ve got a small tutorial started, and I’ll try and finish it tomorrow.


ok 8) thank you