Monkey question.

(vetzeen) #1

Hi people, I have a possible elysiun related question.

I noticed that a lot of references about monkeys can be found on this site. Theres that post by mrmunkily at the final projects section about a shiny monkey, and there’s the link ponting to the blender monthly animation contest website that is full of monkeys on its pages and other posts that are full of monkey references all over elysiun. People seems to know all about the monkey enigma as if it is something that should be basic knowledge to others. I am however, baffled.

Now, what is the deal with the monkey? Is it a secret mascot? A symbol of great importance? Or even a new 3d model that would vanquish the seemingly invincible “teapot” and take its place as the king of 3d models then rule the world as the teapot did? A bit of history anyone?

Im a curious cat, and this thing is making me go bananas. I just had to ask.

(mrmunkily) #2

There is a primitive in blender publisher called Monkey

this monkey is named suzanne.

no one knows why.

(dreamsgate) #3

everything can be made better if you add a monkey or two. :wink:

(z3r0 d) #4

It knida seems like the monkey is in publisher as an inside joke

monkey – mesh primitive
monkey – mesh primitive

get it?

no more theories coming from me (not that there aren’t any)

(CubeFan973) #5

I wrote a post on here saying that the monkey has no point in Blender since few would really need it, and that it was a dumb addition. I was flamed really badly. I like the monkey, I do, but isn’t it kind of redundant to put something so dumb into Blender? The least they could do is add a body to it and possibly some armatures :smiley:

(Dittohead) #6

Forum Monkey - Stupid hyper-posters

:stuck_out_tongue: actually we are.

(IMProvisar) #7

I have a couple thoughts on the matter. It seems to me that “monkey” has somehow taken on the meaning of “guru” or “geek”, making up such terms as “code monkey”.

I guess the folks at NAN were aware of this meaning, and put it in.

Just a couple observations, do a google search on “monkey”, and you may have 1-2 links about the primate on the first page, but it won’t be #1.

Or, check here, This is a search of their products with the word “monkey”.


(vetzeen) #8

mrmunkily, there is indeed a primitive in the publisher with a monkey called suzanne! But why the name, I donot know, maybe one of the NAN people had a pet monkey once.

CubeFan973, people love to put some stuff in thier 3d programs that actually have no apparent use, like the teapot, and the torus knot. Has anyone using another 3d progie ever used the teapot? Unless its for testing purposes, im sure not a lot. Maybe someday, someone will put Alanis Morrisette as a sound icon in one software package.

As for the thories, in a way i am glad that i am not alone asking the monkey question, but maybe someone with the answer would clear everything up. The primitive theory is a good one too, but why the name suzanne?.

(Mobius) #9

here’s a better quest, why a Bunny for the plugin loading screen???

I’d prefer a monkey, but I guess the bunny’s cuter and can change colors, I haven’t seen a monkey do that

ooo ooo ooo

(theeth) #10

the loading screen where suppose to change about every month when they release a new version of the plugin. The rabbit is in fact the second loading animation, the first one being a big cube that popped out other cube.

for the meaning of the name of the monkey, try reading this thread:


(vetzeen) #11

Thanks for that link Theeth. I know that keven smith movies have a monkey in it, and played a major role in his latest movie, where silent bob and the other guy went to hollywood. Wether an inside joke or if blender is actually involved in making his film, i do not know.

Blender does seem to go further than monkeys than it first seems. There was a cow too and what is this bunny plugn loader? Maybe blender just likes a lot of pets.

(theeth) #12

there was also a Blender goat in one of the CJ, if I remember correctly.


(CubeFan973) #13

“Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back…” no thanks… I’d rather watch “Clerks.” or "“Clerks: The Animated Series.” "(Hehehehe… “UP YOURS, MATT DAMON!” You kind of have to watch the show to get it, but it’s hilarious.)

Whatever. I don’t think that there was a monkey in “Clerks.” or the animated series. (Yes, I’m typing correctly. The title of the movie is “Clerks.” with a period at the end for some reason.)

Yeah, Blender seems to like animals! That’s why we’re using it! :smiley:

Actually, “Toy Story” has a cameo from the teapot. Remember where Sid’s sister was playing tea time with Buzz? She used the teapot!

(Goofster) #14

I think the term monkey came around BEFORE the publisher primitive…but I’m not sure…

Talking about animals, don’t forget the faithfull NaN Hamsters (I see a new primitive!)


(dreamsgate) #15

what did happen to our faithful hamsters? Did someone remember to free them when NaN closed down? :stuck_out_tongue:

(muteinvert) #16

so, why is the monkey called suzanne, you ask?

have you ever heard one of those “how to keep moron’s busy for hours” jokes?

(snowy_duck) #17

oops :o


(Timonides) #18

Yeah!!! I also wonder, what has happened to them…

Well, what worries me the most is “who’s feeding those hamsters right now”… :o

After all these guys lost their jobs when NaN closed… :frowning:

I hope they are doing fine right now… :-?

have you ever heard one of those “how to keep moron’s busy for hours” jokes?

:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

( :stuck_out_tongue: )