Monkey Rampage (New Version)~New Video With Multiplayer Profile

Hello All,
For all of you that remember my original thread about monkey rampage,well here is my newest version that I’m working on. It has improved A LOT sense the one from last year. The monkey model that I used last year is no longer the monkey model of this game. I remade this model for many reasons.

So far the credits of this game go to the following:
DichotomyMatt-For the original monkey model
JeremiahStilts-For the monkey head design- concept for new monkey model
Minifig-For lots of help!
Oldjim&The WASG project- For help with scripts, and there tutorial on how to work them better.
Tell me if i forgot anyone!
The old Monkey Rampage Team

If any of the old “Monkey Rampage” team still want to help work on this game just post it here, and oyu can join and help again.

All up dates will be on my website instead of here cause i spend more time there then i do here. So if you want to see the updates on the game go to Also if you have any suggestions about the game or the website either post here or my website(recommended). Also i strongly want to say that i won’t be posting many/if any updates to my game on this thread, but i may and i may not.

Video: First Monkey Rampage PreGame video. Second video!

I might post the links to the videos here so all of you can at least watch them.:stuck_out_tongue:


C&C Welcomed!


Wow, I’m speechless. This looks intense.:rolleyes:

Hello All,

I have uploaded two pictures of my new(sorta) monkey mesh. It has no head, or 1tail at the moment cause its realy late, and I’m sleepy! As always C&C Welcomed:)


What r u gonna use for the head? …Suzanne?

No… I’m making my own monkey head which is kinda donkey Kong head style you could say…

Also it should be posted on here later today.


Sounds interesting, and I really like your logo! (on your site)
Here is a five min. model of it I made (with a particle system attached) :


Nice minifig. you should use it the_creator. So what do you do in thew game?

Hello All,

@Minifig that looks nice, but i might just stick with the one on the site atm though…

@Turkey Wat you do is you live on a abandoned island, and you work with friends on there for a little while gaining gear, weapons, etc. Then you get a letter of some sort saying that you are the only/last heir to the throne of the kingdom(still working on name) and that you father just up and date on so called “natural causes” so you head out to your kingdom to reclaim your throne! :slight_smile:

Also I’ve got a installer that automatically updates the .exe in the blender file when ever there is a new one available on the site. So thats another cool thing I have going on right now.

Also the full part1 story line I will be uploading to my website after i upload it there ill post a link to it here so youns can read it if you want to.

Edit:Minifig the reason i don’t want to use your is I’m was tring to think opf a way to make it kinda like that but where it still fits in. =)


I wasn’t planning on you using it for your site.
I like the one that is on there now! :wink:

What style of gameplay is the game?

Hello All,
O ok minifig just wanted you to know that i was going to make my own lolz…:slight_smile:

The gameplay is going to be RPG i would like to make where players could have like 1vs.1 battles in the game, but i don’t want to put my hopes up on that!

Also i would really love it if people woulnd’t come and tell me that i most likely won’t get this done… Because i started this project over a year ago then dropped it,a nd picked it back up again and am determoned to stick with it!!!:wink:




Hello All,
There is some new pics if the monkey tell me what you think!

Edit: there on top of page. And here now!


I can’t see the pics

Wat do u mean?


Edit: whoops they are on the top srry

Did you get this solved?
If everything is disappearing in the GE, then it may be an ATI problem. I have a problem that makes me save, exit, then re-open blender every 5 minutes or so.( Next time I go computer shopping, I’m getting Nvidia!)

Yea i got it fixed! lolz… I feel stupid cause i was giving it a color cause i never got around to textureing or anything… So all I had to do was cancel the color out lolz that made me feel so terrible… :o

but, now I have another problem! When I Put the armatures in the model, and went into pose mode and moved the leg it moved both parts of the leg does anyone out there know any good ways to fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Sounds odd.
A .blend may help.

Hello All,
Heres is the .blend containing my problem. Just to let to you know the armature in the mesh were just quick to see if they would work.

Also This .blend is NOT open source, and you can not use it.


I’m not exactly sure, but that is indeed messed up.:wink:

Here was my attempt at redoing it using envelopes instead of vertex stuff:
(It still has some problems, but could work after some tweaking)


notasmessedup.blend (193 KB)

@minifig-Your right its better, but it still pulls on the bottom part of the foot…

Hmm… Some tweaking like you said might hellp fix the problem…

Anyone else out there got any ideas?:eyebrowlift: