Monkey video

I made a little vid useing blender that I would like you to see:

Feed back plz.

Lol I love that monkey. :evilgrin:
It was great.

And welcome to Blender Artists.

So random, so epic. I love it. for something so simple, I couldn’t help but smile :slight_smile:

Thanks! the sound is a bit off due to the sound editor but I thought it was a funny clip so I posted it here. :yes: It took me quite a wile to do. Dose any one know of a better way to make him walk down the path. I animated it manually…

Yeah you can use path animation. You parent the monkey to a curve and in the curve settings there’s a panel called ‘Path Animation.’

Here’s a super simple example:

These type of things are only expected from monkeys as they are too much naughty and do whatever they want.

Thanks, Ill try it. ( :

I have experienced that the people who goes to the zoo and they like the lion because it’s scary.And the bear because it’s intense, but the monkey makes people laugh by his odd things.

Whenever i go to the zoo i must watch the mischievous things by the monkeys.The most interesting thing to watch is that they copy the same thing which we do.

Monkey is a very loving animal as i watch the program on the national geographic channel about the whole ups and downs of the monkey’s life.It is very cute and whenever i see it there is an affection in my heart for them.

Cool! Great job!

A couple things I noticed:

You need shadows. Otherwise it’s difficult to tell if something is on the ground or not. Shadows plant things on the ground.

Your character animation needs some improvement. One main thing I noticed was that all of your characters’ feet slid when they walked. When you’re putting weight on your foot, your foot cannot slide(unless you’re on ice or something slippery)

Also when they walked, they didn’t portray a sense of weight. If you’re standing on a leg, you MUST put your weight on that leg, or you will fall. Your characters’ bodies remained MUCH too rigid.

Weight is really important. When he picked up those rocks, they looked really light weight because he didn’t strain or fumble at all. He didn’t show us how heavy those rocks were.

There must be anticipation for every action. For instance, when he goes to throw the banana peel, he should move his arm back anticipating the throw first. There also should have been much more anticipation for his jump over the rock.

A good way to come about animation is to go through and put your character where you want him at his key poses. Think about what the most important poses in the animation are, then set your character at those. Then go in and animate the in-between frames :slight_smile:

It’s also good to act out your actions in front of a video camera to get a good idea of what your character needs to be doing on screen.

A book I recommend for learning animation is The Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams.

You’re doing great! Just need to practice your character animation :). Keep it up! :smiley:

Thanks, I agree with you but it is very hard to make realistic walking anims but I am learning wile I go. And is there a way to have the monkey parented to a path curve and doing a walking anim at the same time?