(Phrangkk) #1

What’s up with the monkey?
8) Where is the monkey?
I want a monkey of my own!
Why should maya users have a monkey when I don’t have a monkey?

…where is the monkey? :frowning:

(theeth) #2

the monkey is in Publisher 2.25 only


(dreamsgate) #3

Hey I want a monkey too!!!

sigh, I’ll have to wait until Ton gets the fundraising set up, then I’m gonna see about getting a monkey!

(Phrangkk) #4

any chance that one of the proud owners of publisher would be willing to
upload a .blend with a monkey?

(eeshlo) #5

I’m not really an owner of Publisher, but I did help out in testing the new Python API, which means I have access to a sort of pre-alpha version of Publisher. I used the monkey (Suzanna) for an environment mapping demo, you can find it here:

It is for 2.23, you don’t need Publisher.
(I hope I didn’t do anything illegal by using it, if so, moderators (theeth?), please delete this and the post in the realtime forum and let me know) :-?

(theeth) #6

it’s not used for commercial purpose, so I really doubt there’s anything against this (unless someone have a grudge against monkeys, of course).

I’m not sure, can you take the .blend from that page?

If not, I’ll post one tonight.


(eeshlo) #7

Ok, thanks for the info, anyway, you can download the blendfile on the same page, the link is below the demo window.