Why can you add a monkey in the new Blender? Does it have a background?

Go to the Add Mesh dialog and click “Monkey”, then click the dialog box that comes up that says, “Ooh ooh ooh”.

Sft+A -> Mesh -> Monkey -> Ooh Ooh Ooh!

i think the question was why, not how :wink:

i’m not sure why. I think that it’s instead of 3dsmax’s teapot or something.

ahhh suzanne…


I don’t know exactly why it was put in. But if I remember correctly it was implemented starting in 2.25 by one of the programers. This programer named the monkey suzanne after his ex-girlfriend.
Or something like that
:stuck_out_tongue: %|

You guys ever seen any Kevin Smith movies (mallrats, jay & silent bob strike back, etc)?

Theres a monkey in there (an orangutan if i’m not mistaken) named suzanne.

That, and the in-joke of a monkey being a ‘primitive’ could be the reason. :wink:


haha LOL… i hadn’t thought of that… very funny lol…


:smiley: Funny thing!