im a monkey yay

Dang, now I’m jealous.

took you a while, steve, but at least you finally got there…congrats! :smiley:

Lol, when do I get another skill?? I just post things, and wait until I get another skill, but nothing happens. :frowning:

congrats :smiley: 248 for me

Greetings, Your Monkeyness!

w00! me 2

Hey I just realized I forgot to start my thread of Monkeyness (when I got to my 500th post) Oh well a little late for me now :frowning:
Congrats sir monkey steve343

you can still start a thread when you reach 1000 posts like i did a long time ago… %|

I’ve foreseen that this will happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, what about a Hall of the Monkeys. A sticky thread with the avatars and names of all furum monkeys ordered by date becoming a monkey.

ooo oo. aaaa aaa. eeeeee! oo oo.

Where’s your Suzanne render? All new monkeys must give a Suzanne render! I intend to!

whats after a monkey? a ape? a seamuncle? o_O

nothing… :frowning:

admin… :wink: