I’m used to After Effects, which I use frequently to do my projects, but I had to make a video with a 3d monkey, so I had to learn how to use Blender to handle the work done within a single month.
I downloaded a model from this site and started making some changes, like adding a tail and some fur (it has to look like a Golden Lion Tamarin, but I’m having some trouble to animate it and finish the fur.
First if all, how can I change the color of the hair particles?
Secondly, I may have locked the armature somehow while creating the nail, because now I can’t move it on Pose Mode. Could someone tell me what I can do to fix it?
And lastly, the first model that I downloaded had already the armature parented, but I can’t parent the tail correctly and each try ends up with a new bug.
I have uploaded my file to and I’d really appreciate if someone could please download it and take a look.
Thank you very much,
Vitor Sternlicht