Monkeyframers -- August soundclip poll!

(Hos) #1


The August soundclip poll for the Monkeyframers animation
contest is now up! The soundclips are here:

(You have to join the Monkeyframers Yahoo group to
vote in the poll).

The poll results will be announced on Thursday, August 15 20:00 EST.
(This is also the deadline for the entries for the July round).

Chris Want

(CubeFan973) #2

I’ve got THREE problems with MonkeyFramers!

  1. On Yahoo, it seem I’ve lost the opportunity to post a message, which means I have to reply to this! Why?
  2. I have no web site, and want to submit my animation sometime! How do I do this?
  3. The KeyTime2 program has a small (but annoying) bug in it. Keyframe, then copy the keyframes and paste in any word program. No matter how many decimals you want, it gives you 2! I only want logical keyframes! What’s wrong with this?

PS: Haven’t heard those new sounds, and hopefully they could be a little weirder than last time (thus, more creativity!)

PSS: I know you guys are ripping off the 10 Second Club, but a soundclip that isn’t longer than 15 seconds? That bites–the music I want to submit would take longer than that to make sense!

(Hos) #3

Hmm, I don’t know why Yahoo wouldn’t allow you to post… are you a member
of the Monkeyframers Yahoo Group? What is your Yahoo ID?

Sorry – I just figured that everyone had a website…
If you want you can mail it to me at [email protected]
Please include a 320x240 jpg movie poster (a frame from the
animation perhaps) and indicate as much information as you can
in the e-mail about yourself and the animation – i.e. basically
answer the questions that are on this page in the e-mail:

Dunno – I use magpie … maybe Lyubomir knows.

I like them – check the page in my original post to hear them
(they’re on WeirdHat’s site, not on the Yahoo site). Hopefully
if you can get your Yahoo issue sorted out soon you can vote for
the one you like best. (I’m a little bummed that not many folks have
voted. :frowning: )

Please remember that the contest is only a month long though – I
find it very difficult to do 10-15 seconds of half decent character
animation and juggle everything else in my life.


(CubeFan973) #4
  1. UnonWarrior… I’m able to get on…

  2. Oh, good. I’ve been looking for a website forever. Nothing’s good enough for various reasons (but mainly money I don’t have)

  3. Magpie seems kind of hard to use. I tried it, but I don’t think I could add keyframes like KT2!

  4. Downloaded, but not listened to yet.

  5. Never thought of that, but still, it’s too hard to understand without the majority of the music.

(Lyubomir) #5

Hello CubeFan973,

Unfortunately, you’re right about KeyTime2 - it’s a bug, but i just delete the decimals in the text file by hand. Also, some approximation may need to be done.
Otherwise it’s a pretty cool proggy, I think.


(WeirdHat) #6

Hmm… maybe I’m an idiot (or maybe you are :wink: ), but aren’t Magpie and KeyTime2 two completely different things?

(Hos) #7

They are both used to figure out the timing of animation
– they just work in different ways.


CubeFan: acasto has free web hosting, you might also want
to ask him for some space.

(CubeFan973) #8

I have. I can’t figure it out, on how to get my website up!