Monkeyframers -- September soundclip poll!

(Hos) #1


The September soundclip poll for the Monkeyframers animation
contest is now up! The soundclips are here:

(You have to join the Monkeyframers Yahoo group to
vote in the poll).

The poll results will be announced on Sunday, September 15 20:00 EST.
(This is also the deadline for the entries for the August round).

Chris Want

(sten) #2

LOL :smiley:

I love the sounds :wink:

(bmax) #3

i know a bit about server scripting, and the monkeyframers website doesnt seem to be data-driven. so why do you use the php extension anyway? just cause it looks good? if its that, then just use .html/.htm because otherwise it makes you seem childish (ie: “Its cool if i call my files xyz.php. It makes me look professional.” - no it doesnt).

just my 2 cents.

(WeirdHat) #4

The logo and navbar are on a page that is then inserted at the top of each page of the site, using the include() function in PHP. Thus if we want to change the navbar, we just have to change that one page and it will affect every page of the site.

I do use the .php extension on every page of my site, even if there is no PHP in it… for 3 reasons:

  1. In case I want to put PHP in it later.

  2. To have the same extension on all the pages on my site, many of which do use PHP.

  3. It looks good.

(Hos) #5

Hi there! We use a separate page for the head (including the menu)
and tail of the page that each page loads – makes things easy,
organized, and you just can’t do that with html!

Now stop complaining and go vote, Mr. Smarty-pants! :stuck_out_tongue:


(bmax) #6

:smiley: … darn, and i thought i would pin you down with that one 8) . ah well, so i guess you arent as dumb as it thought you were… :wink:

ps: dont you worry, ill vote when the time comes.

(CubeFan973) #7

Won’t be participating in the animation section of the contest for August-September. Every time I try it, it looks unsynchronized and weird. For example, this month I attempted to have a robot chicken thing hit a guy off a building. Somehow, I forgot the WINGS! Also, the animation was shorter than the sound! Blame it on KeyTime2, which I’m not going to use this month in favor of what sounds and seems more reliable–MAGPIE!

Anyway, it seems I always vote for sounds that don’t win. (You can’t blame bad tastes–we’ve only done this two months!) First it was the one that sounded most like a gunshot (how hard could THAT be? Anyway), and it lost to some weird banging noises. Next month I tried the coughing noise (I was planning on redoing a Monty Python sketch that I won’t reveal, just in case), which lost to that weird chicken sound! I haven’t listened to this month’s sounds (I’m still downloading them as I write), but I’ve got a feeling that, with my bad luck, I’ll vote for another losing one… What the heck, might as well try.

BTW: PHP? WTF? (LOL :smiley: )

(Hos) #8

Your problems with sync might be related to using a different frame
rate in blender than you do in keytime. (I think the default in blender
is 25 fps, but I use 30 fps which is the magpie default.

Anyways, good to hear that you have been at least trying. If you need
help with character animation, don’t forget there is the BlenderChar forum
here where you can ask questions (there is also a #blenderchar channel
on too).