Monkeyfraners -- October soundclip poll!

(Lyubomir) #1


The October soundclip poll for the Monkeyframers animation
contest is now up! The soundclips are here:

(You have to join the Monkeyframers Yahoo group to
vote in the poll).


Lyubomir Kovachev

(CubeFan973) #2

[Blank so I don’t get banned]! I didn’t make my idea for the September one in Blender. [Blankety-Blank]! And it was so good, too…

Hopefully, these will be great little sound clips. Now we’re seeing improvement from the cartoon sound clips we originally had… However, I haven’t heard the soundclips, they’re still downloading.

(Hos) #3

Don’t forget you can always suggest your own soundclips here:

So next time your watching Cube (i.e., later this evening =D)
keep your ears open for a sound you think would be fun to animate!


P.S. Soundclip poll for this month is going to close soon
– hurry up and vote!

(CubeFan973) #4

Unfortunately, the only sound I can think of is the doors opening up. That doesn’t take 5 seconds at the least.