I don’t know if anyone’s intersted in this but, i could come in handy for some people. it’s called Monkeyjam. You can select a list of pictures (renders) and convert them all to a single avi-file. Sometimes im rendering an animation, and when its done, I find out I used PNG instead of AVI… Monkeyjam is free, and pretty basic, so easy to use.

And if i’m the only one who forgets to set the format to avi…well…I don’t care;)

You can always just use the sequence editor to do the same thing.

It might be better at mixing audio though, as it looks like it has a few more audio features.

It does look like a might be a useful tool for doing concept animations though, so it is a nice find.


TmpGenc will not only ‘assemble’ a list of pictures it, outputs in mpg1 which in some cases can be 100x smaller than an avi file !


cool, gonna try that!

@ forTe: is there a tutorial that explains that?

I don’t know of a tutorial, but its rather easy.

1.) Go to the sequence editor.
2.) Click ‘Add’->‘Images’
3.) Right click and drag to select all the images you want to be in the animation
4.) After placing the images on the timeline where you want them, set in the Animation panel (F10), ‘Do Sequence’. Make sure you also have start (‘Sta’) and end at the proper frames.
5.) Set up the video codec in the format panel and set the export directory for the movie.
6.) Press Anim.

It will take the images you specified and render them out as an animation. So if you accidentally render them as .png frames originally you can load them into the sequence editor and then re-export them as a movie.

that doesn’t sound too difficult:) thanks

Everyone’s talking about the sequence editor!
Where is that? Or is it a CVS feature?

And thanks, yoeri, for this link! It seems like a great little program.

Its not a CVS feature, its available in 2.41 and has been so for quite a while. Its just now that we are getting nodes and specifically compositing/effects nodes we are getting excited about some of the post-production/rendering things that are possible to do.

To find it look here:

Ahaaa, ahaa, looks interesting. Is there a tutorial somewhere, on how to use it?



Actually, rendering to a series of stills (PNGs) has advantages over rendering directly to an AVI. I recommend using VirtualDub for those on Windows. (See my post in this thread.) But thanks for the link to an alternative… I’ll check it out!