Now available on bGame!
For Windows and Blender 2.61!

"Take on the mighty Monkey Empire! Blast them to bits!
Everything is permitted!
All that’s missing is you! The player. The chosen one.

Monkeyroids is a mix of Asteroids and Space Invaders with shitty controls and nasty gameplay.
I hope you like it."

I made it in just three days so it’s not very good but I had some fun playing it.
I hope you guys like it too.

And if you feel like it, post your high scores!
Here’s mine:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error
This Application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

I’ll load the .blend then.

–old–Sounds like you don’t have the Visual C++ redistributable installed. :)–old–

I wasn’t aware that it required any Visual C++ redistributable. Is it a 32-bit executable, Anicator?

Yup. It’s 32-bit. I noticed another fail on my side. I didn’t include any Python libraries. I’ll update the ZIP file in a moment.
But Python doesn’t cause Visual C++ errors.

Edit: I don’t know why but for some reason it was actually Python causing it. Must… remember…

It failed for me too. I presume it’s because i’m on 64 bit.

I use 64-bit myself too. But both the BGE Launcher and the blenderplayer are 32-bit builds.
I’m taking down the Windows download while I add the Python libs and re-upload the file.

Anyone tried the .blend? That one should work fine.

Bugs to report:
When you die, there are some errors relating to platform not in list.
Sound glitched out and kept laoding causing blender to crash. Nice graphics though!

The sound glitch happens every now and then. I can’t fix that. It’s Blender’s fault. :frowning:
I know about the ‘Platform’ error but it’s harmless. :slight_smile: It’s a script setting an Empty’s position to that of the ‘Platform’ (which is actually the aircraft but it used to be a platform). But when you explode the aircraft is destroyed.

I would have made it using 2.62 if it didn’t pan all the sound to the left channel. >: (

Can someone try out this download?
–link removed, see link at top–

I do have the Redistributable on my Computer, coincidentially. Though it looks like the Console at the Start-Up gives an Error as well.

I have loaded the .blend, but I am distracted right now, will try it a.s.a.p. . :}

Played it.
143, my Max. so far.

The Music is fun and good and it fits. The Controls, however, are Hell: As the Camera rotates all the Time while the Controls’ Orientation remains the Same, that makes it unnecessarily hard to control the Player Ship correctly.

The new Runtime works!

My record is 800+ kills. :slight_smile:

The mouse movement control was a last minute addition and I noticed it doesn’t work well with a lot of mouses. (tested it on my brother’s computer)
So the next update will use the keyboard controls for the ship. (like it used to)

I might try to add AZERTY support as well.

New version should be up in 3 minutes.

Just a short off-topic Question alsjeblieft, but as you just mentioned it:
Isn’t it, concerning the four WASD Keys, enough to just add Z and Q? (For a Game I am working on these Days I have put my Controls as (W/Z)(A/Q)(S)(D).)
So for Left-Right Controls [Left/A/Q–Right/D] would be enough, I think?

I added the requested keys. C.A. :slight_smile:
Are you from Belgium?

Also I updated the .blend download and I made the Windows download available on bGame again. :smiley: