MonkMonk's real time WIP (Finished 3hrs)

This is going to be a short WIP. I have aprox. a 2 hour window to do some blendering. I fancy doing something new so im going to attempt to go from concept to final piece in this time. All i know at this point is that it will involve this character from my Mill project.

Wish me luck.[ATTACH=CONFIG]243139[/ATTACH]

Edit: here is the finished (sort of) render. It took 3 hours in the end.


I´m anxious…

Me too… :slight_smile:

Blocking done
I’m going for a street scene. maybe night with neon signs…


Good luck, already looks cool :slight_smile:

Can you tell later about camera composite, thirds, etc?

That poor guy looks tired Monk…so much so, that his left little boney right ankle has sunk right through the cement… good luck on your 2 hr. quest :slight_smile:

Cant believe how much time has passed already.

Pavement and curbs sort of done.

Next road and brick wall.


Added a bit more to the background.

Stole a lamp post from another project.

DOF will sort out the bad background. (i hope)


Thrilling and a fun to watch someone doing his WIP nearly realtime. I’m curious how you will texture your cute character.

Test to see if the DOF idea will work.

Light test


More detail added.

More lights.

Walls and grunge added.

I doubt i will finish in 2 hours…


Damn it… i didn’t even get 2 hours. I’m being called away from my blender session early…

Still, i’m quite pleased for an hour and a half’s work.

I will have to complete this another day. I may give myself one more 1 and a half session.

Thanks for the support :slight_smile:


Cool! Waiting for the next session. You could do an announcement when the next session will start, preferably with GMT indication :wink:

I think he needs a little countdown clock … :slight_smile:

You did great with 1½ hour imo :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile:

This was going to be a 2 hour project but i’ve decided to make it a 3 hour one instead.

Changed the bricks, tweaked the lighting.


Tweaked a lot of the materials

added poster to wall

changed road material

add can and weed

added material to Robot.


Already very nice! What’s happening with the wall on the left side above the balloons?

That is a torn poster. i need to tone it down though as it is far too bright. Cheers the reminding me.

Changed the balloons to a heart balloon.

Add motion blur to fan.


Minoribus: just re-reas your comment and realised that i got the wrong part.

I’m not sure what that is, i’m hoping it will go away as i up the samples…

Road redone.

Repositioned other parts.

Nearly done.

But did not save the render… silly me.