mono VS Stereo sound?


Have done some major optimizing today on my new game…

It is time for the sounds…

I am getting crashes sometimes (blue-screen or complete lockup), it happens when any sound is playing for some reason.usually after 2-3 minutes of game play, if it happens at all…

Can we use .WAV files that are in stereo? if so is there some special setting to enable it?

All of my sound files where saved with the default audacity settings of:
Mono, 44100Hz, 32-bit float

yet when I open them in blender it says that they are:
Mono, 44100Hz, 16 bit, and then some odd number 55??

could this be part of my problems? should I re-do all my sounds in 8 or 16 bit?

also, is there a limit to how many sounds we can have per-game? I would like to add lots of them :slight_smile:

I have been googling fora while now, I cant find anything on what type of .wav file blender likes the best.

TIA :slight_smile:

I think you have to re-do them in 16 bit.

Stereo is twice as big, and you can’t do 3D sound with it. I only suiggest it for music (which would be bad because .wavs are so big).

Cool thanks!

OK I will try that :slight_smile:

after this game I may try to script some simple things like mouse movements…

hopefully I will get the hang of python scripting doing this… a major feature I want to add is just a simple quiet soothing tone for anytime the player hits a block with the ball. it would be nice to have the tone go slightly up and down, so that the sound is not too repetitious.

a mid to late 1980’s classic called Arkanoid did this… only they did an obnoxious high pitched DING sound. (That is why most of the time you found an arkanoid machine, the volume was either set really low or turned off completely)

anyways, thanks again !