MONOCHROME - Exploration Puzzle Platformer

Hi Guys I´m working on another Blender Game using the Blender Game Engine.

MONOCHROME (Chapter 1)
Chapter 1 of the Game is now finished so I´m working on Chapter 2.

You can test Chapter 1 here.

Forgot to pack sound in this version. Will reupload soon.

Cant play it cause I’m using a very old mac at the moment, but this looks cool! That bloom effect looks really nice, especially in combination with the mist, is it a 2D filter?

I think you overestimate either peoples patience or skill. Maybe I’m a funny puzzle gamer, but I prefer thinking puzzles, not have to hit jump and forward for the exact right length of time, particularly when you can’t see what you’re landing on.

I tried for ~20 minutes and never got up the staircase. I can get 5 blocks up 80% of the time, half-way up 50%, I got 2 cubes from the top once (out of ~20 tries).

Interesting idea though, having the only thing that distinguishes objects be the distance away from you. I’d suggest adjusting the difficulty so that people who haven’t been debugging it for the past couple months can still play it!

Sorry, should have posted this in the other thread.

Ok I fixed it. Reuploaded it now. Have fun playing…