(yogyog) #41

This is a quick experiment colouring your fantastic icons, based on a simple colourcode system:


The system is:
XYZ - RGB ff0000, 00ff00, 0000ff
Modelling - light blue 8ebaff
Animation - light green 99cc00
Materials/lighting - orange ffaf00
Video/post processing - purple 7c3bff
Settings/addons/code - grey eeeeee
Loading/Saving - cream feea96

I’ve based these colours on the ones found here

(yogyog) #42


Same system applied to the view menu…

(vklidu) #43

Because thats what I called “Christmas tree” :slight_smile:

There will be an option (in theme) to set colours to icons individually - probably, but you quickly realise difficulty - what color should I use for this icon, does it should be in this group or this group? Or should I start use another one to keep some consistency?

And as you can see you used brighter colours for second example, isn’t that because some colours from first example wasn’t already visible on second bg? :slight_smile:

(yogyog) #44

Ummmm… it’s because for the first image I started with an image with all the images white, and on the second one I used an image where all the icons were blue. I actually like the second version better - the colours are less intense, less saturated. It means we have the advantage of some colour to help you quickly see the icon you’re looking for (if you know what colour it is) , but not quite as Christmas tree-like.

(vklidu) #45

Since we click on “File”, we expect Link, Append, Export, Import is related to a file somehow. So simple icons seems to me enough …

Some idea for “Lock” icon, but probably too “designish”? Original locker is more straight-forward … but anyway looks good today :slight_smile:


(vklidu) #46

(renderhjs) #47

That lock design puts a smile on my face :slight_smile: - it just looks fun and minimal. I also like your experiments with subtle colors e.g. the File menu, a good example how simplicity really clears up the clutter.

(vklidu) #48

Quick preview of monochrome icons in combination with simplified theme. I used jendrzych’s 2.5 icons as base to experiment with mono. New 2.8 icons are in at the moment bigger and they get wrong impression how they will looks like.

(vklidu) #49


Comparison Flatty Dark vs Minimum
GIF - already posted, just keep it on the track

Visual layering theory. GIF - background / title / secondary text / primar text

(jendrzych) #50

I like the way You treated Object and Edit Modes icons - tightly combined with my concept of Mesh Object and Mesh Object Data. I consider using this very idea since it complements my set perfectly! If You don’t mind, of course.
On the other hand, Paint Modes are way too much similar to eachother and to Edit Mode…

(vklidu) #51

Yeah, right, it can be better :slight_smile:

Concept of “painting” is based on gradient.

  • weight paint - use spectrum (from red to blue)
  • texture paint - like spray blend from one colour to another
  • vertex paint - is also visualised by gradient, where colour blends from vertex to vertex

I wanted to avoid from using “brush” in icon - brush makes icon complicated.
And since menu combine text and icon … you see already “PAINT” three times in the text, so there is relation, so you can got it (?)

Base shape - square, was meant to say these goes together (modes), but as always unification makes distinguish them harder (if you are saying that :slight_smile: ).

I just wanted to try something to offer you :slight_smile:

(jendrzych) #52

That makes sense, although I’d rather make Object/Edit Modes more different from Mesh Objedt and Mesh Object Data.
Gradient is really elegant idea for all kind of raster image, which I defend from using in my icon set, because You used it first.

(Zsolt) #53

Can someone with a build post an example with a light theme?
I wonder whether white monoicons can be discerned at all, otherwise we’d need a second (black?) icon set as well.

I personally don’t really like how with each iteration of Blender the interface gets darker and darker. Especially when working in a bright environment the theme also needs to be brighter.

(yogyog) #54

Symbol for texture is often a checkerboard - that with a splodge on it?

Hard to do in mono… what are the rules? Are you allowed gradients? A little colour?

(jendrzych) #55

Gradient’s not a problem, as long it is transparency gradient.

(Alessio Monti) #56

They do not work with light themes

or with dark themes that have a bright selection colour

but developers are considering ways to colourize them, maybe as part of theme configuration so that’s not a big problem.
I mean, it is, but if the icons get accepted it will be resolved in some way.

(vklidu) #57

Use any part you will find useful (more details sent via PM).

Speaking to gradients - since I use them on objects …
I tried other lights, not consistent as first version … just a test


(vklidu) #58

Speaking to gradients - I use them to mimic 2.5 version into mono, but disadvantage of it is gradient that is used for “shading” object icons = switching the white icons into black (for light theme) shading of these icons will look reversed (like with light from bottom direction. Visible on a.monti’s screen. But probably not a problem since its dark theme to keep that feeling.
Anyway, yesterday I corrected shading from top

Jendrzych’s icons are more in “graphics” (drawing) style so there is not an issue to switch them into a black.

(vklidu) #59

I opened one of my old theme called “EMPTY” (called for a good reason :slight_smile: ) where I tried to “erase” all buttons by adjusting a theme. And because all “outlines” don’t have alpha option in user pref, the only one way was to use the same color for all. And even it was more for fun, at the end it was great start point to see what is really necessary to use in UI to make sence.

If you look from oposit side, it can be probably good starting point how to arrange text and values on screen.
In some cases it already works well. I some places it breaks understanding what is related to what. But probably thats are areas where it could be arranged in better way. In ideal each widget will be able to be understandable without any framing. Frame (or rectangles) becomes only as additional visual support for user.

Here is an example of headers - on mouse-over became visible widget background
Low contrast on mouse hovering above widget (or mouse in editor window) is done by blender.
I don’t think I have an option via theme.


Here is a fullscreen casted GIF
(Safari didn’t play for some reason, Chrome works, click on anim to see in original size 1914px -to be pixel correct. Probably I could cast it smaller.Or try download GIF and play.)

(vklidu) #60

One example:

  1. current widget
  2. since 2.7 use a lot of buttons I tried to “erase” them via theme setup
    (but since frames kept text and icons visually together, erasing them makes unclear what t belongs to what)
  3. in this case was enough to move text on the left and change icon for expand menu to triangle that is used already in Tool widgets
  4. At the end also original widget become cleaner (less elements)


I wrote only “New” since I thought “+” duplicates the meaning of “new”, but if someone think “+” means “add” “new” it could be OK as well.