(vklidu) #61

Tringle can be colorised via theme (like Tools now)


(vklidu) #62

Following concept where whole menu is related to file, and all picto were simplified from file icon, it doesnt make a sence to use it for “New File”. Plus icon seems to me enough.
Small touch on “Folder”.
“Link” / “Append” looks to much similar each other … that’s not god …

(vklidu) #63

Or don’t use icons at all … :slight_smile:
… when a function is already represented by text ? … and make live easier to all of us :slight_smile:

(vklidu) #64

Symbol on every row looks more like a decoration pattern and visually at the end less informative.
What about to minimise appearing these “delete” icons just on mouse-over.
(if it fits blenders design)

Add “New Preset” - follow like add new material system click to create / name it / confirm by clicking anywhere.
UI is cleaner, elements appears only when are called by user.
Positioning “+” icon on left, keeps user attention on place of click action.
Line separator doesn’t seems to me useful, as mentioned before - free space is the best separator.
In this example is not any pixel added (only line was erased).
In this case even free space doesn’t seem to be needed, but to follow design rules …

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(yogyog) #67

Really liking the new icons. I like how having a single bright colour works.

I also like the colour highlights on the properties panel. It would make it much easier to find the panel you want.
(a “collapse all” button would help with that as well)
Also - it would be nice if you could set the icon and highlight colour globally easily: set one colour: that all the highlighted text and all the icons that are not greyed out. That way you could go “OK - dominant colour is blue on this scene … nice … sky … blue.”

(kynu) #68

I REALLY like the 3rd version. Clean, clear, cool!

(vklidu) #69

If monochrome icons will be adopted (in some way), there are plans to have ability change colour of icons.

Yes, some option to change background color globaly, for all editor’s, could be nice.

Already now you can change colours in just a few clicks in theme like mine.
Opening theme file (.XML) in any text editor you can set your colour in seconds with function find/replace all.

Later I will post theme I use in screens. There is used only one color for BG, all buttons will be only black or white with low alpha value, so buttons will appear as brighter or darker color of background colour. With this system you will be able to search only for one color in theme and replace with a new one.

(vklidu) #70

Lights edit

(Simon Storl-Schulke) #71

I don’t really like the color (know it’s not the point) but the second (smooth) versions are really really good! Although the Sun icon could highlight the “directional” nature of this light a bit better (imo directional light would be a better name anyways)

(vklidu) #72

Yep :slight_smile: The Sun … I felt in the same thinking - sun = directional light, but since most of the original icons represents meaning of the word I used icon of sun for word sun. “Directional” icon probably better describes how light will work on earth scene, but in this way it would be probably harder to distinguish the behaviour light rays of spot and area lights that are also in a way of directional lightning. I’m not a native speaker so probably thats why …

BTW When I was thinking about this yellow area light icon for sun, I also wasn’t sure how than clearly represent area light :slight_smile:

(Icon Colour - I see how it scares users :slight_smile: I just need distinguish them from other elements like text that is very close to icon, I can grey a text, but it takes down visibility and there are also inactive grey texts that has to use even darker grey than and since I use also grey as colour layer for “secondary” text I would have to use three types of grey.)

Some edits on gradient version:

(rombout) #73

Very slick style and i really dig these flat icons. Ive been screaming at every blender video or post that they need to update all the icons if they overhaul that Tool panel. Makes no sense just to do that and keep the old 90’s styled icons.

Great work! I know how much time this must have cost you, hope all your effort will pay off

(rombout) #74

Some design arent that good, icons need to explain their function without words. Its like symbols, these designs dont do that. My guess show this to 100 people and perhaps 1 but i really think 0 will think this is a lock icon.

Have you done research on icons and symbols in general?

(rombout) #75

Men i would integrate that dark them immediatly right now if it was available. It looks so nice!!!

It so much easier on the eyes to look at.

(jendrzych) #76

Something like what You’re hoping for is happening now. Icons wiill be updated soon.

(rombout) #77

Really hope they stick to monochrome versions, but i doubt it. Would be nice if this part was more open so we could do own complete themes, instead of just colors

(rombout) #78

Perhaps this is because light can also be caused by an HDR or physical sky which is also light. But lamp tells you it is a source or an object.

(jendrzych) #79

This very topic is not valid anymore - Lamps became Lights some time ago.

(rombout) #80

I do hope they ditch that right alignment in panels though. It makes some panels like 3 times longer than before, thats not really great to look at and cause intense scrolling. Already some list like hair, cloth and mainly those panels are really long. If they ditch the columns methods that means more searching for settings and getting a scroll syndrome :wink: