Monopoly (animation)

Here’s a small animation I made, using audio from the old Danish TV-series Matador. Animation is super rough, designed to be a bit puppet-like. The whole thing was completed in a few days. Rendered with Blender Internal using the service.

That’s a really good animation.

Can’t understand. Please add subtitles :slight_smile:

I tried adding subtitles inside YouTube. Try viewing it again and see if it works.

I bad at speaking the english. so, I don’t understand the speeches. but really good animations. I like compositing.

Unsurprising, since it isn’t english. :wink:

Subtitles were a little off. - To people wanting to watch this, hit the CC button.

I love the lighting and cinematography of this! very cool.

My personal taste: I’d have explored the textural possibilities in the animals a bit more…to make then “stop motion” tangible!

I love the ambience and the mood. Also, animation is great, and the character design as well!

Only critic is some weird shadow flickering on the dice on that close-up. But this is a 5 stars work! Congrats!

Yeah, I don’t speak the language, but I don’t need to in order to recognize a first-class animation that makes excellent use of staging, focus pulls, expressive characters, and very good movement.

Go to Gallery. Go directly to Gallery. Do not pass “GO!” Do not collect 200 currency units!

LOL is all I can say, but I agree.

Nice animation, but poor audio clip choice to waste all that work on.

That’s a nice looking animation, I like the timing, very lively and unique.

Cool animation!

Great animation…well done. Like the atmosphere too.

Haha thanks :slight_smile: Mostly I just did this project for fun, for my self to see how far I could get in three days of work, total. It forced me to keep focusing on the big picture, and to not fuss too much on the small details. I used an awesome new ‘tool’ in 2.5 which is mouse-controlled animation. I used the mouse cursor to to move parts around. This allowed me to animate five characters for 1,100 frames (5,500 combined) in half a day.

The result is a little jerky and odd but sort of fun - and perhaps it fits the visual style too.

The result is a little jerky and odd but sort of fun - and perhaps it fits the visual style too.

It does indeed - the high DOF matches the puppet-like feel of the movement. The “are you cheating?” line was particularly good. Nice going!

:eek: … :eek: … :eek: … … … :cry: … :whimper: …

“Awright, wise guy … :wink:where’s that tutorial? We’re not going to let this thing out of the Gallery until you come up with it.”

You are absolutely right to have focused strictly on what matters most, which in this case is quite clearly the cinematography: the staging, the use of focus, and the performance of the characters themselves. A lot of small details can be completely overlooked if the movie itself is good. (Witness the fact that Star Wars Episode One shipped to theaters with a podracer crowd that actually consisted of colored Q-tips cotton swabs.)

The tutorial that I want to see (“Pony up, or the rat gets it…”) would focus much more upon the design decisions and the planning process that you selected, more than the tech details of “Blender itself.”

hehe this is very unique and good work

Don’t know what they are saying but looks super!